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The Romancers

June 6 – 13, 2009
Fridays & Saturdays | 8 pm

This presentation of Edmond Rostand's 1894 romantic comedy is the story of two young lovers, Sylvette and Percinet. What happens when two young people fall in love thinking that their fathers are mortal enemies? What if, in fact, their fathers have driven them together using reverse psychology, only pretending to disapprove? And when that succeeds, what scheme can the fathers devise to make it believable that they could forget their animosity? What will happen if the romancers find out it was all a set-up? When the fathers balk about paying him, how will the man hired to carry out their scheme collect his fee? (And why is a wall listed among the “Persons in the Play”?)

The Romancers became the basis for the 1960s musical The Fantasticks. By Edmond Rostand